All About Drop-offs 

Drop-off days and hours are given in the information box for each location on the map. Often, places would be happy to arrange drop-offs outside of the given hours, even overnight and on weekends. Please call to let them know you want to drop-off.  Try to give whatever notice you can.

Once you use the resources here a few times, you may find a handful of organizations that you want to donate to all the time, and you won’t have to search the map, or call, every time you want to donate food.

If there is no location on the map close to you, consider asking your local Food Bank for a good place to donate your food.  Food Banks distribute food to hundreds of smaller, helping organizations. To find a Food Bank anywhere in California: Click Here

All About Pickups

If dropping off food is inconvenient for you, another option is having the food picked up from wherever you are.

The most ideal situation is to make arrangements with an organization to come and pick up extra food from your place of business, or from a stage or studio, on a regular basis - daily or weekly for instance.  Most of the agencies on the list here would be thrilled to set that up.  This is great for Catering and Craft Services companies, and long term projects like television shows and movies.

Many of us work on short projects, like commercials and music videos, which shoot someplace different every day. Most of the agencies listed here would be happy to come and pick up extra food from wherever you are.  The circumstances are different for each agency.  Most rely on the availability of volunteers to make pick-ups, so they may or may not need much prior notice, or they may have distance, or poundage criteria.  Therefore, the pick up information listed for each organization on the map often says “depends” or “call for info”. 

*** Did you know that there are companies solely dedicated to picking up food donations and bringing them directly to needy people!? ***

Here is a remarkable resource: three organizations that will pick up food from you with little or no notice, and bring it directly to agencies that feed hungry people.  And they are happy to arrange regular pick-ups as well.



323-671-5057, 323-256-6881

Toll Free: 800-227-5346

ANGEL HARVEST distributes donated food directly to agencies that are feeding needy people. Within an hour of the pick up, your food will be delivered free to approved soup kitchens and shelters that need that type and amount of food for their next meal.

  • “Our specialty is our proper handling of perishable food that is hot,  cold or even frozen.“
  • Health Department trained staff drivers.
  • They will pack up all of the food, in their own containers if need be.
  • Driver will issue you a receipt that is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.
  • Pick-Ups:  24/7  (call in advance if possible) anywhere in greater Los Angeles


(562) 598-3003

Food Finders has a volunteer army of over 100 drivers that travel all over Northern Orange County, South Bay, Torrance, as far South as Manhattan Beach, (note: they DO NOT go into Los Angeles)

  • They pick up and bring food directly to one of hundreds of organizations that need it. 
  • They serve 50,000 meals a day, over 45 miles, with 1-7 routes a day.
  • Pick-Ups: 10am - 1pm, call for other arrangements.



805-983-7100 x135 

Food Share, Inc is a Second Harvest Food Bank, and the largest Food Bank in Ventura County, located in Oxnard.  They have an excellent and extensive food pick-up program serving all of Ventura County, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard, Simi Valley and Ojai. 

  • They have 15 vehicles
  • They can have someone pick-up within the hour (advanced notice is appreciated, but not imperative). 
  • Pick ups are 7 days a week:  7am - 10pm.  Call  Lance Ferguson at Food Share at 805-983-7100 x135, or call his Cell at 805-207-4288.


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