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THIS IS IT!!  Hollywood’s Food Donation Website!

*** Please use the links above to explore this site! The "main event" is The Map, but you will not want to miss Legal Issues and Pick-Ups/Drop-Offs! ***

Production generates a lot of excess food and beverages!  This is a site where people in the Entertainment Industry can find alternatives to throwing away that excess and instead, make a difference in people’s lives! The food you toss away can be turned into delicious meals and snacks for people who too often go hungry.

There are agencies all over Southern California working hard day and night to feed thousands of needy people every day - homeless people, and people in shelters, transitional housing, and rehabilitation centers.  They may be low income, mentally or physically disabled, or recovering from substance abuse.

The heart of this site is a zoomable, printable map.  On the map, you will find many agencies, spread out all over Los Angeles and beyond, and all of them would be thrilled to receive your extra packaged and prepared food!

Many people have legal concerns about donating food. Donating food to agencies is not the same as handing food to a homeless person. Please click here to read about the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act which provides legal protection to those who donate food.

Donating Your Extra Food Can Be Easy & Uncomplicated! 

This site can be accessed and used by anyone, but the focus is on those of us in the Entertainment Industry in crew positions that generate or have access to excess food, such as Craft Services, Catering, Food Stylists, Art Department, Production Managers and PA's.  Of the hundreds of agencies serving the needy, only a fraction are listed here because they meet the needs of the Entertainment Industry:

  • All of the locations listed here take packaged and prepared food.
  • All of the locations have an acceptably wide range of hours for hassle free drop-offs.  Some even accept donations 24/7 with no complications.
  • Not all of the locations do pick-ups, but of the ones that do, some will do spontaneous pick-ups, some just need a little notice, and most would be thrilled to schedule regular pick-ups from your place of business.  Please read the page about pick-ups. 

Donation of food to the agencies on this list does not constitute becoming part of a “program” of any kind.  No one will contact you or expect any further donations than you offer. These locations are listed so that you know where to donate if and when you choose to do so.

There is a lot of information on this site. Please explore it to learn everything you need to know about donating food to people who need it.

If you would like to see a more extensive list of places that accept food donations, most with shorter hours and stricter criteria, please visit:  http://www.healthycity.org


Disclaimer - This site is provided as a service and a convenience. We bear no responsibility for any problems or issues that may occur as a result of using this site.