Food Donation Guidelines:

Here are some guidelines for food handling, and food appropriate for donation. 

What Kind of Food is Acceptable?

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables
  • Baked goods (rolls, bread, cakes, cookies)
  • Packaged, canned goods, and dry goods
  • Prepared and perishable foods that have been temperature controlled
  • Frozen foods

Unacceptable Food:

  • Food that has been placed out in eating areas (sealed packages okay)
  • Food prepared with alcohol or sulfites
  • Spoiled food, display foods, perishable food not refrigerated or heated (lower than 41 degrees, or above 200 degrees) for two hours or more
  • Insect or rodent contaminated products

And, of course, please make sure your hands and clothes are clean before handling any food.

Click Here to see an excellent and extensive resource for Food Donations Guidelines.


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